January 20, 2010
Even on a school day, work day, or a holiday
We humans can never
Stop to recognize what the
Almighty gave us. The bare naked shrubs
And limbs of the gelid winter to the blistering
heat of a springy summer day
Serenity being all we really need not a 1915’s
Spy gadget or a metal and plastic glowing picture box
These takes thine soul and separates us from society
And tranquilizes us into a virtual world
Like the hibernating bear tranquilized into a paralyzed sleep
Take thy heart Y’shua scramble thy mind keep
thine eyes onto compassion for these solemn beast
this mercy let my caring heart go to work
for the calf sucks against the bosom so shall
my soul feast from your lips need me not electricity yet
need me Your word your saving grace shall make me dance
I quiver pondering your majesty
Repent thy sins forgive me O majestic one
I am a sinner

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