I made it

January 20, 2010
I am a senior
I am on the threshold of new beginnings
A cap and gown awaits me
Colleges and Universities are seeking the wonders of me

I am a senior who's experiencing a range of emotions
I am anxious... I am awaitng for the decision
that starts the ages of my adulthood

I am a senior
I am in a rush, applications are piling up, forms must be filled, deadlines are approaching

But I am happy
I am learning,I am growing
I'm starting to find myself
I am a senior
who's living life to the fullest
I am spending time with those I love
those I'm close to

I am a senior
who feels the oncoming cycle of tears
I know the end is but a few months away
I am aware, unwillingly, that this may
be the last time I see my friends

But I am also sad
that I'll miss the teachers
who have inspired me, who have taught me, who have showed me wisdom and encouragement

I am a senior
filled with excitement
a summer night is coming
I will be in a limo, entwined
in the arms of colorful dressed classmates and buddies
I will dance the night away
I am having the time of my life

I am a senior
months away from getting a diploma or two,
sitting in a crowded auditorium
I am a senior who will be waiting for my name to be announced
pride and joy pounding inside
of me at every moment

For I am a senior
who's gone on a journey
and is about to go on another one

I am a senior and I am proud to say
that...I have made it!!!

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