What Breaks my heart in NYC

January 20, 2010
It pierces the air like a knife
disrupting the cycle of peace
They are already on the scene
Someone falls dead
killer runs away
sometimes he's caught
Brooklyn... once again is stained by blood
the blood of the innocent and broken hearted
Another youth, an older man is buried
breaking the hearts of many

Children, brown-eyed and brown skinned,
in the bus, on the train
endure blow by blows and screams and cussing
crying on the streets
being hurt by frustration and anger
I'm here wanting to ease their pain
their soul breaks the hearts
oh so badly

People come, people go
friendships are the flowers
in the spring, shy and timid
flowers in the summer
the time of our lives
then here comes the fall
relationships crumble
anger, betrayal, backstabbing,agitation
are the leaves on the tree
winter comes...nothing is left
we live with each other
we lose each other
breaking my heart

People dying for no reason
bills and taxes fill every season
politics constantly fill my t.v. screen
saying things they never mean
poverty is dominate throughout the world
but what's more important here is a new celebrity girl
death and chaos and turmoil on each page
nothing is more deadly than the war we wage

I see it day, I find it on the street
I see it from the media to everyone I meet
the struggles of the black man
the pressure and politics of the white
the world is spinning faster than I thought
breaking my heart day and night

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