A million to one

January 20, 2010
By lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
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if u love him with all of your might will he still be the one to catch u??

do what your heart tells you to do,but always be thinking with your mind"

you will always have HATERZ though out life because they are the ones jelouse bc thy're not you!

a million to one thats
wat our folks think about this love of ours.
a million to one, they say that our love will fade like yesterday's clouds they're betting everything
that oue love won't survive...
they're hopeing in time we'll forget each others lives.
a million to one they say we're to young to know the meaning of love.
a million to one they'Ve forgotten the Dreams that we are Dreaming of... but we will forgive them because we love them..
After all thats said and done...THERE'S ONE IN A MILLION:A MILLION TO ONE!

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