Scattered Fragments of a Shattered Heart

January 23, 2010
my heart weeps when thoughts of you
exhibit in the depths of my idle mind.
deep despair has come upon this feeble bodice
today he finally seeks oblivion.

vile heart seek for revenge!
aim to surmount whatever hindrance,
to achieve this long-sought desire
of a life of unending bliss.

what happens to this unintelligent struggle
that only yields certain defeat?
do i truly seek for eternal happiness?
or do i only bring myself to self-destruction?

confusion has come upon me.
for anguish emerges from within
this is a product of jealousy
from this barren devotion

i find your charms truly irresistible.
your odd demeanor has transformed me
in to something i never thought of becoming.
you truly are a mystery.

set your beliefs aside
and be flattered.
you shall not be uncomfortable
for i am struggling to disregard
this feeling that i have for you.

unutterable affections,
a long-preserved feelings of infatuation,
those are never to be expressed nor uttered
am i not pitiful?

i cannot even write
the three words that i have been wanting to say to you
for i am afraid
that I will be your friend no more.

these i say to you:
yes, i will disregard, but not forget
for you are teaching me a valuable lesson
my memories of you will forever resonate
within the confines of my shattered heart

i promise to coalesce the tiny fragments,
of a once delicate heart, and
forever you shall remain admired
and forever you shall be my friend.

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