January 22, 2010
By sammiebymr94 BRONZE, Kamuela, Hawaii
sammiebymr94 BRONZE, Kamuela, Hawaii
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No in-between crevices left,
just a flood of thoughts
crossing my mind.
my brain swollen,
with thoughts seeping out
of the flared cracks from
deep within.

How much more time can pass
the eruption
bursts through my brain,
jamming the oozing literature into my skull?
The flood seems unbearable.
The pain increases as the knowledge keeps being spoken to me.
It stings to think, to speak,
anything that uses my brain hurts.
I can't hear without clenching my fists tight.

All I can do is leave, but I can't get my hand raised
or my mouth to open,
so I run,
never to come back
to that classroom again.

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