Drip Drop

January 22, 2010
By AlmostCassidy GOLD, Ely, Nevada
AlmostCassidy GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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The dark midnight sky lights up with one flash of lighting.
1 onethousand
2 onethousand
3 onethousand
I count
4 onethousand
5 onethousand
Five miles away i think thats not far.
Drip Drop Drip Drop.
I sing along with the rain.
The sky lights up again.
1 Onethousand
2 onethousand
3 onethousand
3 miles thats closer.
I sit in the window singing with the rain.
Drip Drop I sing louder as the rain sings louder and faster.
I see the sky flash up with light as i see the lighting striek just across the fleid.
1 Onethousand
2 Onethousand
2 miles oh no.
Drip Drop Drip Drop the rain sings with out me.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for i love the rain and the closer the lighting gets to me the more exicted i get i have never been afaid of lighting or thunder i like it for i feel alive when i hear and see it.
One day i was just sitting in the window watching and listing to the lighting and thunder when it would get closer and closer until it het my house.
Then i woke from the dream

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