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January 22, 2010
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I cried that day when I saw them,
Cause they were a lot more than just shoes
“Material things”; you’d tell me, don’t matter
But, these did.
I must have been too loud, because
You heard me (crying),
(I’m so sorry.)
You called me in, and I lied, of course,
Told you: “Buddy ate a pair of my shoes”.
I left it ambiguous, open; as to which ones.
The ones in question; were purple.
Cause you knew how I loved purple.
Nike. Vintage. High Tops.
“With Liberty print”; you said,
And I was proud too, because you loved me so much.
Mum said how you got them:
Drinking a cup of coffee,
Reading the Globe, you saw them, in Life&Style
and thought of me.
Ran out to the closest store, which was,
Not close at all in fact.
And you bought them; (just for me)
Limited edition.
You hid them in your closet,
Under all your pretty ties.
Gave them on my 15th, made me want to cry.
(You’re so sweet.)
So, understand, why, today
I cried when I saw them sitting,
Mangled on my carpet (purple as well).
How could I have told you?
It would have certainly killed you.
And that last thing I ever wanted to do
Was to kill you while you were already dying.
didn’t want any help.

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