The Beach at Sainte-Adresse

January 22, 2010
I watched the tide as it pulls in and out from the dark green ocean
Marine-life gushes in and out from our eyes
Only the clouds can protect my white prone skin to the shining sun
And that’s exactly what it did
Hiding the sun, creating the cold, and bringing the rain
As the waves crash on the faded rocky sand
The boats remain on the edgy shallow ocean
And my facial expression remained the same
Lines on the outskirts of the tell a tale of the waves and their forceful crashes
Bringing in the dirty seaweed each time

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of two people
Lucy and William
The newly married couple
They sat on the beach, as did I
Awaiting the deep massage the wave gives to their feet after each crash
However, they seemed disappointed
For more reasons than one
And three people are to the side
Yelling to each other while in desperation for a solution
Fighting about something that’s less important than they may know
But it’s pointless on a day like today
Or so it felt
Whereas the buildings remain on the coast
Shaking from the harsh winds that remain
Observing the ocean’s ruthless ways
And the shaky boats on the horizon that you squint your eyes to see

The sailboats cast out into the open water
Six of them all together
For a reason that I couldn’t comprehend
Yet we watch them as they sail out into the unknown
While the sailors observe the weather for caution
Especially on a day such as this
Nobody observes the ocean as the boats sail and the menacing clouds stay put today
None, except for Lucy, William, and I

The slight breeze sweeps against my skin
The sudden urge of cold is the feeling
Which causes my skin to slightly shiver
The sound of the waves soothes my ears
As if the ocean is my symphony
And is here to perform each musical note in perfection
But I glance over
And sense a new feeling each time
For the arguing people
Who can’t make up their mind
For Lucy and William
Who feel more regret than I have in my entire lifetime
They overlook the ocean
The beautiful music
And what lies beneath
All that remains
And all we may not know about

Take it all in, I should tell them
Just stop for a second

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