Told You

January 16, 2010
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Has anyone ever told you…

That your tongue is a clapper
And that every word that glides from your mouth is fashioned
From copper and brass
So that talking with you is like conducting
A symphony of chimes

Has anyone ever told you…

That they could see into your heart
Where triumphs and tragedies come together to make art
Or marveled at each and every one of your bunched-up tears
Strung from the ceiling like 19th century crystal chandeliers

Hasn’t anyone ever told you?

That they wanted to kiss you
So badly, in fact, that their calves
Were beginning to cramp up
From standing on their tippy-toes so damn long
Just trying to reach those sweet cookie-jar lips

Like how those sea-glass tides you love to watch
Reach their frothy fingers toward the moon’s pale, porcelain cheek
Craving just one caress before receding back into itself again

Or rather

How these fingers so long for their owner
To stop marching them up and down this poem
How they dream instead
Of languishing in the soft caramel of your upturned palms
Or how these lips pray to be parted
These lungs cry out for relief
This heartbeat begs to be ceased

Has anyone ever, ever, told you any of these things?

I’m sure they have, many times and over
But, love, O, my lover
Please, let me be the first to say

My – how you look pretty today

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