January 16, 2010
By Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
Belief_Among_Unrest SILVER, Russell, Massachusetts
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Tears fall hard on dirty ground
Silence is the loudest sound
Prosperity has fall, along with grace
On earth there is death, beauty has no place
The eyes of the living are full of scars
Shadowing a night barren of stars
Dull gray days drip to ominous dark nights
Where people cower from frightening sights
Creatures that lurk in shadowy rooms
Wreak havock and hate and torture and doom
Lips are sealed with lock and key
Spirits want, they yearn to be free
Where, oh, where has salvation gone
When night flickers to a bleak dawn
Bleached of color, bare of life
Goodness is covered with sickness and strife
How did we get here, what have we done?
This horrific nightmare has only begun
Tne moon crashes in, the sun fades out
The skies are filled with screams and shouts
Please, my soul, to God will you send
Because here we are in the middle of the end

The author's comments:
This piece was written out of a different sort of inspiration. Lots of people write about the state of the world in a different way, trying to make it sound less harsh. But, I feel you can't sugar coat things, and that sometimes you have to write harshly. Often enough, the world can be a nightmare.

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