January 16, 2010
By , Palo Alto, CA
When I talk to you I am unable to lie
You find my deepest secrets on your sweater
Your my sun: Helping me shine through the day
My rain:Always heavy over me

Every sweet word I receive from you
I back away from
Scared of the lies that could be told
Scared of the peoples eyes watching us

I smile as you talk to me
Im delighted of the attention I receive from you
Your perfect in my eyes
I would never defy your trust

You offer so much more then I openly recieve
I shy away from peoples harsh words
Knowing that they will ruin us; keeping us together
Yet broken

The way you talk to me
Has my heart beating
When the sun falls; I think of you
When the sun rises; I yet again think of you

Im not scared of what you will think of me
But of what other people think of me
Of what other people will think of us
The lies I hear that are told
Make me fall into pieces
I am scared to tell you about them,
My one and only weakness

The help you give me
The kind words you offer
Help me live
Swear to me I can trust you

Yes you swear
Swear to me you wont lie to me

Yes you swear
Swear to me you wont ever leave me; alone

Yes you swear

Then you ask me the same questions
I say yes too 2 the last I cant promise
I am scared I will be broken
I am scared I will break you
And yet I never want to
But the promises you give me are of no use
People try to convince me
People try to sway my descision

I say you sound fake
I talk about you
Breaking the promises you asked of me
My heart breaks everytime I do,
I shouldnt have talked
Shouldnt have told anyone
One person I told,
Told one other person
Soon everyone knows

Im madly in love with you
Madly enthralled by you
Your like a treasure
A diamond; In my eyes
I never want to let you go

Yet day after day
Night after night
I slip more out of your fingers
A jump away, soon two jumps back to you
I am never content
With the part of you I have
I want more
I am a hungry vampire
Enthralled with my bait

Yet I know from things you have said
That you want me
I pretend I dont see them
I pretend its light and fun
Even though, even though
It is hard and wheighs me down

Our friendship is a roller coaster ride
Our love a narrow four lane road
Not wanting other cars to tip us over
Yet the cars are tipping

You promise me that you will always help me
I promised I would always come to you when I need your help
You asked me over and over
You made me promise over and over
Knowing that Im not sure
And I promised everytime
Saying "yes"
My promise is broken

People underestimate the way we talk to each other
I know it is wrong
The truth I hold from you
The truth you show me
The lies I feed you
The lies you hide from me

You are enthralled in me
I am your personal present
I flaunt myself infront of your eyes
I see your gaze flicker at me
I pout and look away

They tell me you are mad at me
I watch you eat me alive
I never feel un-comfortable in your presence
I adore the way you watch me
It is a game that will never end
I am your bait
Pulling you farther and farther in

You have me on your hook
Still trying to please me
The words you say to me
Are my own delight
Never shared

You touch my hand
I back away
I flee with every kind word
Yet I am still pulled in

It is hunting
A game you'll never stop
A game I will end
After it has gone to far
Too late

All this below a radar
All this below the ground
Where eyes are not watching us

You tell me you liked my shirt
The same day I wore it
The kneckline too low
Were just friends I tell you
I get no reply

Im scared of you
Scared that you will stop it all
Knowing it is irresponsible
Knowing that one of us will be hurt
Yet again you say you like talking to me
You say you'll always help me

Your number has been flaunted my eyes many times
Only once I accepted it
And gave mine in return

The game will continue
Until I move on
Bored to death
Or you stop
Seeing what you are doing
More clearly
More honestly

All describes the game

The chances I am given
All I refuse
The questions I am asked
All answere easily
The tension builds
The game is not boring yet
You grow sweeter by the second

I grow more pleased by the hour
My make up grows heavier
My tops lower
Your compliments more frequent
Yet questions yet remain
Who to trust?
When to stop?

The most important of all
Who will win the hunt?

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