there aren't any words

January 22, 2010
By ShazimN BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
ShazimN BRONZE, Jamaica, New York
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I have hunted and searched
But it was as if I didn't exist
I still searched on and on
I just could not resist

But now that I've found you
It seems I've lost myself dear
There are so many things I wish to say
But the problem is how and from where?

There are hundreds of languages
That I could use to tell you
What's on my mind
But non that says I love you the way I want it to

Perhaps I could say that
There’s nothing that could match you
In heaven or on earth
But darling that just won't do

Perhaps I could tell you
What I feel in my heart and say
You are the most ineffable in all the cosmos
But that's truly nothing in any way

There aren't any words that can describe how I feel
None that seem even remotely real
How I got myself here I really don't know
But it seems my heart love just won't let go

Perhaps I could say that the stars bow down
And jealous is the moon
And even angels feel coy
And that's why the plate ran away with the spoon

But that's truly nothing at all
Now I don't know what to do
Now I can only think of three words
Darling that's I love you

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