Goodbye Bill

January 20, 2010
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I had long hair,

And it was fair.

I didn’t have lice,

Though that would have been nice.

They shaved my head

I felt like I was dead

I’m a Jew,

I’m in World War II.

I sleep in a bunk,

Without any junk.

I’m not allowed to sit,

Or else I’ll be hit.

I’m a Jew,

I’m in World War II.

They got mad,

Because I was bad.

I’m 66,

And I got beat with a stick.

I shouldn’t be here,

I should be out hunting deer.

I hated Hitler the day he started to rule,

he has always been so cruel.

To more than a few,

But especially the Jews.

I’m a Jew,

I’m in World War II.

No one get sweets,

We only get beat.

We work when it’s hot,

Or we get shoved in a huge pot.

The pot is on the hill,

And it can kill.

They put in some gas,

And though it will pass.

You will be dead by then,

Just like old Ben.

I’m a Jew,

I’m in World War II.

I walked through death door,

And now I’m not sore.

My whole family is with me,

Except for my wife Cindy.

I can see doves,

And my love.

My wife is fair,

But she’s still down there.

She’s about to walk through death door,

She is extremely sore.

We are Jews,

And we died in World War II.

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