mirror mirror

January 20, 2010
shiny and cold
you stare back at me
mocking me with an image i am not
i try with my all
to good for you
meet all standards of beauty you give
but as i do
i lose me
i'm lost in a sea of
clothes dyes shoes cuffs rings
all not me
just what i try to be
for you
but how can i ever met what you want
you lifeless
you just a mirror
giving me a cold hard look
my reflection myself
a liar but who you or me
do you play trick on me

mirror mirror
my enemy
my on;y friend
you speak with out words
mirror mirror im gone im lost
i cant find any trace of me
just falling into a steam of conformity
mirror mirror
i stepped through and i cant turn back
mirror a liar a truth teller
i love i hate save me from myself

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