Do My Parents Care?

January 20, 2010
Slowly she starts to feel herself fade,
She is leaving this hell she somehow made,
She is leaving everyone she has caused pain,
But cutting her wrists and cutting deep into her vein,
She cries as she slowly watches herself die,
Didn’t tell anyone goodbye,
She has to leave this world before,
She causes her friends and family pain anymore.

She sits on the floor in a pool of blood,
Watching as her flash backs start to flood,
Watching her past replay again and again,
Seeing what it had been,
Wondering what her parents will do,
When they see her lying in that red sticky goo,
Will they call the police and cry too,
Or start shouting “I HATE YOU’S”
Will the police have to break up yet another fight,
While I lay almost dead in plain sight?

Will anyone care enough to try and stop the bleeding,
Knowing exactly what I am desperately needing,
Even though I know I am too far gone,
Will they try to save me even though I am almost done?

I am almost dead, but do my parents care?
Do they too realize now, that life is not fair?
They were making my life much more worse than hell,
With no on I could talk to or tell,
So I banned myself straight to hell,
And ruined both of their lives as well.

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