January 20, 2010
By yayalove BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
yayalove BRONZE, Stone Mountain, Georgia
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The horrendous death and destruction after Haiti s massive earthquake are both a call to action for the international community to supply direct assistance, and a heartrending but vital reminder of the significance of disaster attentiveness and hazard cutback. The earthquake struck the poor country Tuesday late afternoon just outside Haiti s capital. The quake was the nastiest in the county in more than 200 years. A day after the quake, there was no estimate on deaths, but thousands of people are believed to be dead. The quake left the country in disaster, without electricity or phone service, efforts to provide aid to an anticipated 3 million citizens.

As the earth shifts its burden
A story of few seconds
Wedged in between
The old women and young children
The poor and the rich
Are bound together by compassion and the damage

The wound of their home has open
As the human wound of a mother at birth
Beneath the ruins,
As far as the eye can see
Haiti s people were trapped inside out of their home
Sadness and anguish stare in disbelief
Left homeless and nowhere to go
Groans and pandemonium look astray
As their home shifts its burden away!

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