My Life with Snow White

January 19, 2010
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I look into the mirror
However, I don't see myself.
I see an addict in denial,
Who refuses all help.

I hurt those around me,
I see the pain in their eyes.
I am aware they know the truth,
Though I continue to lie.

They beg me stop
In fear for my life,
What they don't understand,
Is my internal strife.

The numbness I crave
Has pushed people away.
Th ones that remain
Can only hope and pray.

I say it's not a problem,
I have it under control.
I refuse to see the truth,
I dig a deeper hole.

I say I'm not addicted
That I can stop on my own.
Though in the back of my mind,
I know I can't do it alone.

This I don't tell others
I keep my true feelings inside.
I know this isn't helping,
It's my way to hide.

Hiding from the problem
I know solves nothing.
I just don't know if I'm ready
to give up the numbing.

Just thinking about snow white
Causes a great deal of pain.
Sometimes itn becomes so overwhelming
I think I may go insane.

I don't show my pain to others
For this lets them into my hiding place.
My pain is undetectable
If you just look upon my face5 face.

I imagine a life,
One without snow white.
A thought comes to mind.
Can I win this fight?

Can I be saved?
Can I let snow white go?
These questions I cannot answer
For I do not know.

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