I believe:

January 19, 2010
Red is the best color imaginable for a
Van Gogh painting. Raspberries should grow in trees.

The definition of gullible shouldn’t be in the dictionary. Legolas should have had more lines in the Return of the King. In jest lies truth.
A single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.
07’ was the best of times. 08’ was the worst of times.

Cell phones create social lives. Instant messaging ruins social lives.
Facebook is a waste of time, can only get you in trouble, and is seriously disliked by Horace Mann. Wrestling isn’t popular but should be. Wolves have consciences
Class is over. In global warming and extinction

In Judaism and Jesus was merely a man. In Darwin’s theory of evolution
Bacon and ham shouldn’t be eaten by anyone. Dairy can never be eaten with meat.
Every single bar mitzvah tutor in New York is annoying.

All PC users should convert to Macs. iTunes destroyed CD production.
There is an elixir of life. Camp should last forever. Parents shouldn’t control
your summer life. Preseason is nonsensical.

Books are the center of happiness.
Books tell stories better than movies. People only say
the movie is better when they haven’t read the book. John Adams should have been the first president of the United States. James Bond is the one excuse
where the movie is better than the book. Papers
mean nothing but words mean everything. To never kill a mockingbird.

Adopting a snowy owl helps the environment. In glue sticking
anything together. Tape never works. Post-its will always fall off.

If a new computer comes out, all of a sudden yours is terrible. The best
tennis shoes are Babolats. You can have your vengeance,
in this life or the next.

Let’s just say I believe very little.

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