Fruit Sinks

January 19, 2010
Cherries sink down the washing machines and chalk
splashes from the waves, Apples in paintings appear to be cleaned
in the sink of the Great Lakes In the water-filled sink
is a pear that is the map of Sri Lanka

or a single lamp Harsh paint strokes
show blueberries in Nantucket flushed
down the sink, The Caribbean Ocean
finds coconuts sunk in erasers as Greek grapes
sink into books Funtown frozen plums
taken from the ice-cold wooden sink Oranges

wrapped in Kleenex like the moon
sinking in the night sky The Thai bananas were used
to quench the empty sink of the elephant’s
backpack Kiwi’s in Kiwi
make a sinking blackboard Wooden
sinks portray Caribbean coconuts sliced in half.

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