This is from a Guys Point of View..Brother

January 19, 2010
By sjmblue2 BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
sjmblue2 BRONZE, Kennesaw, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"This game is not easy, if it was easy everyone would do it, and if everyone did it, no one would be special."

The look in you eye
The sparkle in you smile
Makes me think
You will be here a while

The bounce in you step
The Joy in your voice
Makes me know
I am not inept

You look at me
With unending love
Unmistakable happiness
radiating from your shove

How can I leave her?
If she is so right
How can I leave her?
Behind with no fight

The answer is simple
I can never leave
I will forever be hers
She forever mine

But what if I hurt her?
What if she dies?
My unending heartbreak
Is the source of dimise

She sits here and smiles
Looking up at me
While I stand and I plot
How I will leave

The author's comments:
My bro wants me to post it, he is too scared to do it himself

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