This Could Happen

January 19, 2010
By Anonymous

What if everyone looked at everything through new eyes
Like everybody they met they treated as if they have never judged them
And no matter how many things had gone wrong they still searched
But looked with new and wondrous eyes at everything in their path
What if we all viewed everything as a gift
Like every tree and flower meant something
And that every breath we took was not a given
But that every heart beat was allowed by God
What if we all saw each other as beuatiful
Like a wonderful treasure just waiting to be found
And everything we do or say reminds us of our beauty
But it also reminds us of our scars that make us beautiful
What if we were all sure of ourselves
Like every little remark about you slide of like water
And you treated everyone with love because thats all you knew
But you also knew what was going on
What if we all saw ourselves as other people pouring into us
Like a craftmens pouring different metals into a knife
And everything we did reflected something of someone else
But it also showed our character
What if everyone live for God
Like a child searching for a prize
And everyone would feel loved and whole again
But it would not be regarded as self conception
What if we all treated each other like something wonderful
Like a surprise package
What if we all treared each other like something important
Like, you know, a piece of God

The author's comments:
Like i said(: i am a strong believer in God and i try to praise him in everything!

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