Sweet Daze

January 19, 2010
By little_miss_insanely_blunt GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
little_miss_insanely_blunt GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
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They can do things. They are inventions.
I can't do the things they do. I can invent.
-David Levithan in "How They Met"

Holding light, cupped in my hands
As I sit beneath the trees

Golden shimmers

Earthy sparkles
Breaking through the leaves
Mirrors dance across my palms
Framing my fingertips
While warm gales chase away, the
Sudden autumn chills, that just
Can’t decide whether or not to
Stroke or scar my face

They’re whispering,

Tempting me to stay
While the whistle of the wind,
Running through the fields,
Praises the sun’s
Sweet rays

I can’t help but think
Of the soft and steady
Of my heart
Pumping lazily
As my chest
Rises and falls

I can’t help but notice
The slow nodding of my head
Beneath my noodle neck
And the, twitch
Of my eyelids
As I slip in and out, of
Sleep’s warm arms
Until I decided to, just
Let go,
and he carries me away
Placing a bookmark
In this moment

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