Summer is Like a Perhaps Chance to Fly

January 19, 2010
By Ayeitsjoe SILVER, Hercules, California
Ayeitsjoe SILVER, Hercules, California
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Favorite Quote:
Pain is weakness leaving the body

Summer comes in packaged freedom crammed (as though teenagers wait all!
through seasons for it like mail packages)
at peak, anxiety flow builds: teenagers (maybe only some can anticipate so much) limits.
And when arrival appears – train stop
Exaltedness jumps; springs

Maybe few select some (if lucky enough, can flow among the circle with many, many places. Globe. (flying while sitting, literally)
some stay home, exhibiting all aspects tiny crumbs of their
daily living space (where one’s “den” is)
Some are kept prisoner, chained with gloom in front of that chalkboard, still. (Some parents want their kids ahead of the game)
No matter where you stand during your flight,
Summer is a:


The author's comments:
I was inspired by the poem "Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand" - E.E Cummings

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