The Yellow Slide

January 19, 2010
By jordanm BRONZE, La Mesa, California
jordanm BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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In the early hours of dawn,
while the world is fast asleep,
I ingest a sleeping pill,
in the hopes of sailing off into a pleasant night’s sleep.

However, I’m drowning in a sea of work,
and caffeine is my lifeboat.
Sleeping pills are the coastguard,
safely stranding me on an island of dreams.

My center of balance fails.
I wobble up the staircase to the top of the yellow slide.
I’ve been here before,
my fingerprints line the railings.
For memories sake I begin to fall.
Sunshine plastic lines the seat of my rollercoaster.
The queasiness subsides with the dips and turns,
divided by the endless ascension.
A girl in her adolescence makes her way to a climax.
For a moment we watched the sand
from the top wishing we could reach it.

Once parted from the apex,
the journey cannot be slowed,
only to be revisited in future dreams.
We went down farther than last time,
but, failed to reach the end.

The author's comments:
This piece is a conceit for the loss of adolescence. It was inspired by a reoccurring dream i have about a yellow slide.

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