I Will Always Love You

January 19, 2010
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Everyone tells me to give up
That I'll never win this fight
Well it may be a tough fight with cancer
But I'll never back down
Because it's not over
The battle is over when I say it is
My whole life I've been put down
Because of the way I looked
The way I talked
The way I walked
The way I dressed
Even because of the way I acted
Well no matter what people have said
I've been there for the people who mean the most to me
My family, my friends, even the one person who stole my heart
I told her if I lost the battle
To move on and that I'd always love her
And not to remember what I looked like now
But instead what I looked like before cancer
So when the doctor told me how long I had
To live if I lost the battle
I told her how my heart would be hers even in death
And that no matter what to remember me
As I was before cancer
Then I met the grim reaper and asked him a favor
And when she awoke the next morning I was dead
And the note I left her said "I will always love you."

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