No Replacement

January 19, 2010
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I stand alone in the cold winter air
Taking in all of the past that hit me
I never had this feeling before
Before that night

The worst part is that I might see him again
I know i won't let go
I know i'll break down
And I know he's probably with someone else

Love never stayed in my heart
But the romance that was
Will stay there
As long as my heart beats

I'll be fine
If you only stay by myside
Yet I shouldn't keep these hopes too high
Because soon I'll be washed away from your memory

Now I can't stop replaying the stupid laughs
The stupid tears
And the stupid song
That reminds me of you

You've been torn down by the words of others
Except you were absent then
Yet I ripped those words that hurt
I just said what was from my heart

I told them you were amazing
The best thing that happened to me
But that was a lie
Because now I can't get you out of my head

Its required I get a replacement
But no one can fill the place you left me in
So let them yell and persuade
I'll never replace you

And I mean it
It's a choice
And I take the one I want
To not replace you

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