A Hero

January 19, 2010
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Take it and run,
Steer the course.
Hold your ground,
And duck the save,
Make not a sound.

But hold onto fate,
Confuse not the bait.
It’s only the pain,
Is the name
Of what you create.

Please, don’t spare a glance,
Almost there, keep climbing,
Never look down,
Never below.
It’s not like the world needs a hero.

It’s in your blood to fake,
Cold blooded, where’s the heart?
You lost your spirit,
I know,
I see the scar.

Just forget your past,
We don’t need any help.
Were not festering down here,
Rotting in our own hell,
Who’s to care?

Keep climbing,
On and on, you’ll make it,
We will all die,
But its people like you that show,
It’s not like the world needs a hero.

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