January 19, 2010
By Tarastephens BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Tarastephens BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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My alarm screams at me
As another school day pushes me out of bed
Unfinished homework laughs at my procrastination
And a pop quiz helps it out
But through it all, day in and day out
Graduation whispers that he’ll be there soon
To take me away from it all, forever

New assignments join in with essays
In bullying me
As college applications
Smirk at me cruelly
Trying to make me snap
But I won’t
As Graduation promises to
Carry me through it all

So alarms keep screaming
So do girls
High school drama claws at me
Papers and homework dance around me
Missing assignments spit in my face
As MyGradeBook snitches on me
Facebook hypnotizes me
It all keeps piling up
With more to come (personification in here)

But I’m not scared
Because the thought of Graduation
Will be holding my hand
The entire way

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