I Wish I Lived in the Present

January 19, 2010
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I wish I lived in the Present
What a wondrous time to be in

No worry, angst, or nervousness
Just contentment, happiness, temporary anger.

Yet anger also lives in the past
A grudge, a regret, a mistake

Sadness too, dwells there
Grief, denial, remorse.

The Future is my home most of the time
Looking ahead into uncertainty is my hobby
Harboring fear and doubt is my constant state.

I wish I loved in the present
What a gift that would be
I can go there, can't I?
It's my choice

But the expectations of others get you places in life
That's the reality,
I can't just not care.
I can't try to defy the gravitational pull of society
That deals with money, jobs , the government,
The economy, how others perceive me!

I wish it weren't so
I wish I lived in the present,
From the past,
For the future.

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