I am from myself

January 19, 2010
By Rinie BRONZE, Sallisaw, Oklahoma
Rinie BRONZE, Sallisaw, Oklahoma
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I am from the country
from wide open spaces
from summer nights and autumn rains
from wild flowers and fresh cut grass

I am from the city
from tall buildings and busy streets
from steel and concrete

I am from different worlds
from east and west
from tradition and new ideas

I am from stories that spring from mere words
from lives that are not mine but feel just that way
from places I’ve not been but can tell you all about

I am from a family
from laughter and tears
from smiles and shouts
from little kids in constant trouble and overprotective parents

I am from the silence that is always there
from the pain that doesn’t go away
from things missed and things that wishing cannot change

I am from a life
from things lived and yet to come
from events before my time
from memories overflowing from old picture albums

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