Grave Ghost's Love

January 18, 2010
By EscapistWriter BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
EscapistWriter BRONZE, Franklin, Massachusetts
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Will you die with me, chase our dreams and mortal fears?
Our graves right next to each other, my most pallid dear,
We are here for a brief time, I never kissed your tear
But that does not matter because my death for you is not the mere.

My lover who will never die
Because I won’t hear her enough to cry,
We’ll both be soon in the ground dry,
Listening to ghosts’ howls for us vie.

To show my love for you is to die for your pallor,
And I know not what you dost love me for,
My greatest significance on the threshold of that door,
I know that beyond life, in cold death, there lies more.

I write to you because you’re the lover I’ll never have,
The death who will never make me feel sad,
I will have no one but to live and drag
My chains after me into the groundless path.

I death shall be for your heart, my eyes for your very part
In this pointless game of loneliness as we chart
The ferry of all these ghosts on the oceans of art,
And all my deathbed and coming after has yet to start.

I believe not my eyes, I am falling in death with you,
Deceiving as I see, I am killing in love as you do,
For I have known some very mortal few
Who know when I am dead and when well this world I view.

Maybe you are just beyond the loop of the noose,
If I jump through perhaps I’ll find you in truth,
But none ever do that since none ever say sooth,
And I can feel my grip in your icy hand begin to loose.

“I’m killing in death with you, my dear….”

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