I am a book

January 18, 2010
By Reema Patel BRONZE, Inverness, Illinois
Reema Patel BRONZE, Inverness, Illinois
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I am a book.
Consisting of three parts-
My cover, my pages, and my words.
My cover is my outer shell.
Protecting me from this dangerous world.
But, sometimes my cover could be-
Bruised, ripped, or burned.
Damaging my outer shell.
Making me vulnerable to the outer world.
So, beneath my cover- I am just pages.
My pages are my inner self.
Filled with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
While flipping through the pages-
My pages can be easily fringed upon.
When my pages are bent, my thoughts are unrested.
When my pages are torn, my sorrow unravels.
When my pages are burned, my anger unleashes.
My pages define me.
They are my characteristics.
Filled with many types of genres.
I can be a comedy.
Trying to be funny.
Making people laugh throughout the day-
And cracking out jokes whenever I can.
My goal is to be an entertainment-
Not to make people bored by listening to me.
I can be a drama.
Frantically worrying about test and quizzes.
Making a big deal out of everything-
And being worried all the time.
I can be a fantasy.
Fantasizing over Harry Potter-
And being obsessed with the series.
Imagining that I am a witch-
Or wondering what it would be like to have powers.
I can be an encyclopedia.
Filled with knowledge-
And Facts.
I usually have answers-
Even to the most oddest things.
I am always there to help someone find a way.
I can be a mystery.
Not that outgoing.
Usually keeping things to myself-
Or to my close friends.
People usually do not know anything about me.
I am very hidden-
And not to mention, shy.
I can be a fairytale.
Always believing in someone-
And that everything will be okay-
Hoping there will be a happy ending-
With a happily ever after.
I can be a Romance
Always having a place in my heart-
For my friends and family.
And caring and nurturing the ones I love.
I can be an atlas.
Giving directions to people-
And guiding them the right way.
Helping them find a way if they are lost.
I am always there for someone to depend on-
And to point them in the right direction.
I can be a Diary
Full of thoughts and feelings
Always welcoming people to share their feelings with me-
And always there for someone.
I never let someone down
I can be nonfiction.
I always tell the truth-
And I never lie.
My pages are my limits
My words are confined within them.
My words are my emotions.
That make me who I am.
They write out my story-
That helps me get through each day.
If someone doesn’t like me-
They can just close me and set me aside.
But, I don’t care-
Because I am what I am-
I am a book.

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sydmc5773 said...
on Feb. 20 2010 at 8:26 pm
sydmc5773, Kingsville, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." ~ APWBD

Harry Potter blows my mind.


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