You Want To

January 18, 2010
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Take me from my body and bury me in a steel casket. Possibly ball me up and throw me into a waste basket. Please Satin tell me your tactics. Tell me the evil, twisted plan you have for me and in this state of mind I'm in I won't disagree, but only happily let you torture me. Aren't you torturing me now? By putting these dark clouds over my head by laughing silently, but knowingly of what people have said. You've placed a demon within me to cause me nothing but pain, tears, and make my heart ache, and boost up my fears. I hear you mocking me trying to weaken me by placing these demons in my body,in my head, and you want them to suck out my soul. You see Satin I know your goal. Your trying to drag me down too that hole that leads too your home. You find it so easy to own me, but in this state of mind I'm in I'll have to disagree. Satin your trying to take everything away from me because you have nothing. You have soulless, cold, manipulated creatures that lurk on your turf. And every now and then you send them too earth to endlessly torture people to see if they're really worth their lives. But see with me that method is useless, because i know I'm worth mine.

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