Story To The Teens

January 18, 2010
By Nadiyah Jones BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
Nadiyah Jones BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
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She was so beautiful. Had eyes that shined in the morning and night lights. Smile so very pretty, teeth eye blinding white. Hair always nice and never out of place. Took pride in her body and appearance never to much makeup on her face.Butterscotch colored skin, not too fat and not too thin. But then things started to change, she started to lose her beauty and her eyes no longer shined, yet they were overflowing with regret, pain, and death. Looking at everyone with those eyes that seemed to say " there's no hope left". She still had her eye blinding white teeth, but those you rarely ever got to see. She hardly ever smiled or barely even opened her mouth. And I wanted to know what happened to her, but I couldn't figure it out. Her beautiful hair used to be so perfect, but now she doesn't care for it like she's not even worth it. And remember she didn't really use that much makeup, well now she has all kinds of blush eyeliner, and lip gloss on her face. That she uses to cover up the bruises and scratches those late night men put in place. Her butterscotch colored skin slowly faded to a vampire white. And she used to weigh like 125, but now she's too damn light. And all these changes happened because she was curious, and wanted to roam and make money at night. Now she's got this icky virus in her that won't leave without a damn good fight. She just had to deal with it because she chose that lane. Now she six feet under away from all pain.

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