Love Her Like You Should

January 18, 2010
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If she needs you, your there. If she's hurt you show her tender love and care. When she comes across pain that she can't bare, your on your way to make it disappear. You make it clear to her and everyone else that you love her and only her and nobody else. And that she always comes first before yourself. If she makes a joke and it's not funny you laugh anyway so hard you have to hold your stomach and the wall, because your legs are giving away. You give her a call everyday to say "hey" and to see if she's OK. You try your best to keep her happy, comb her hair for her if it's nappy. Hold her close when she's cold and be her friend day and night until you both get old. Love her like you know you could, like she knows you would, love her like you should. And if you see tears rolling down her face you grab a box of tissues and start to erase. The pain from her eyes and the pain from her heart. And you don't care how long it takes because you'll do it until it's dark. You give her your heart, never break a promise, never lie, and always stay honest. Why you ask? Because you love her. If you don't have her your life isn't complete. She is the sole to your feet, the words that you speak, and your heart-beat. The things you cant do for her you wish so hard that you could, but you shouldn't get so upset because your loving her like you should.

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