My Shadow

January 18, 2010
By Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
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It is so far away from me
But I feel it just the same.
A being drawn out by hate
And born of a crying shame.

It walks with a pain
That is only felt by me.
Flooded with an aura of deceit
That only I can see.

This is a whole new breed.
And it festers on my tears.
It claws its way inside
And it eats away at my fears.

My pride is seared.
It digs at all of me.
It’s spite binds me in chains,
And I am never to be freed.

But I can never bleed,
For it is all in my head.
A cold shivering memory
That I am never to shed.

I remember just what it said.
Every detail, every soft sound.
He is going to bury my sanity
Where it will never be found.

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