January 18, 2010
By Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
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In the blink of an eye
The universe will morph.
Fire will rain from the heavens
And tidal waves come forth.

Religion won’t answer your question
Nor will prophecies of the damned.
They won’t tell you why the earth splits
Or explain the vicious storms of sand.

Because the world, life and existence
Is naught but a batter of an eye lash.
Soon you will realize as the life is erased,
And as planes burn and crash.

Lightning strikes in the distance
And you look at your feet.
The solid ground you took for granted
Now seems oh so sweet.

Because the world is burning down
And it doesn’t care who you are.
Whether you are the poorest beggar
Or the most famous movie star.

In this moment of fiery Armageddon
We are all equal through the devastation.
Just as all men are brought about
During our beautiful creation.

You hold your hands up in praise
And thankful you are now all the same.
Laying on the streets dying,
Another body in the pile, regardless of name.

In the blink of an eye
Our society will morph.
It’s just a crying shame
It took the ending of the world.

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