Driving Drunk

January 18, 2010
By Dominiqueee BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Dominiqueee BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A tragedy so often met
And usually leaves us filled with regret
A story told but not for naught
It's told to learn the lesson taught

Such a young man, barely twenty-five
Is only just living as life passes him by
But since his temper usually flared,
He took to drinking every nigh'

A sip of bear, his escape,
May also be another's fate
As one drink changed him oh so quick
Another would cease him from walking straight

And as all prevails he starts to go home
Swearving up and down the road
Another family innocently travels
Before their lives are completely slowed

A child is dead, and a family broken
All because of this man with a temper
And the thoughtlessness of all within
Have caused a tragedy and a stir

So this story is told again and again
That maybe we prevent this strain
Of carelessness, and murderous threats that
All caused the incident, and plenty a pain

So before you drink
And begin to drive
Remember the story of only a guy
Who did what he wanted, and tore apart lives

The author's comments:
My grandmother was killed by a drunk driver before I was even born. I've also reaped the effects of how alcohol changes people, and it's terrible.

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