Silent Screams

January 18, 2010
All they wanted was a boy
But instead they got a toy
A girl that did as she was told
With nothing but fear to hold
If she ever disobeyed
On her back she would be laid
And beaten with an angry fist
But her tears ceased to exist.
They were all closed up inside
Forming oceans big and wide
And at night they start to tip
Until she tastes them on her lips
The days got worse
Her life was cursed
Her screams for help were silent
Her parents just more violent.
They fed off of her pain
Her life they wanted to drain
All shades of blue across her face
Death two times faster she wanted to chase.
Her parents were shepherds but she wanted to stray
The little sheep that had to get away
Nobody knew just how she felt
Next to her bed she quietly knelt.
Her mother came in a drunken haze
The way to her daughter seemed like a maze
Her rage took a newer path
She needed to unleash her wrath.
She saw her daughter kneeling there
She quickly chose with one cold stare
Picking up the closest thing
She threw it at her with a strong fling.
As the girl felt the pain spread
Another blow came to the head
She knew she was slipping away
And she wondered-How beautiful are they?
She saw them. The angels. The gates opened up
She was in heaven and she was holding a cup
The cup was filled to the brim with love
The thing she was missing on earth she now had above.

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polishbabe2 said...
Jan. 27, 2010 at 10:13 pm
hey guys! comment on this and tell me what you think! :]
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