January 18, 2010
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I hate that word!
I feel like writing it down,
measure the importance of each letter,
and than tear it into a million pieces.
Why is it so hard to say?
It is only four letters after all.
How can four letters hurt so much?
It is not fair.

I hate that word!
So sweet and musical,
yet causing so much pain.
Like a knife,
imersed in my chest.
It is a trick of the mind
I tell you.
Like a beautiful rose, attractive yet stabing with its thorns.

a lavishing, ephemeral feeling.
Like the warmth of spring's sun,
the joy of Christmas morning.
Like walking on clouds,
just to plunder into nothing
in a second of joy.
Like pitiable Icairus
in his adoration of the sun.

I'm tired of waiting,
tired of hoping,
tired of wanting,
trying, dreaming, wishing,
I;m tired of this life
and tired of your wimps.
Love, this backstabing emotion
should cease to exist.

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