January 18, 2010
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there's this funny little thing called love it can come in go like a gust of wind it can trade off form one person to yhe next unpredctable unexlaneable are what its about
you never know when its coming or how you recevie it but once yo have it ,you'll never want to let go ,shattering your heart along the way makes you never want it again out of fear and hurt and sadness
only,slowly you heal and smile once more again and suddenly there's a new face that makes your heart flutter and so you forget your old sadness with the new excitment on and off it goes throughout your young life
as sad as it may seem ,most of us will go through people as we do clothes yet some have lond, loving relationships that blossom into marriage
some wonder why people put up with it it can hurt you ,stab you in the back and sadly
even make you want to take your life
yet the reward seems to be the catch the ability to share with the secrects you thought you'd carry to your grave
to turst someone with all you have and know that it's returned receiving unbeliveable happeiness and joy from just the sight of someone
it's a wonderful ,sharerd between two ,that can turn into adventure of a life time

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