Sixteen: Sparkling Gleam

January 18, 2010
By protennisg SILVER, Middle Village, New York
protennisg SILVER, Middle Village, New York
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Sixteen: Sparkling Gleam

She walked in beauty like the night
Sizzling with kisses so merrily insane
Sparkling diamond eyes, reflecting like a star.
Hair like golden rays, past cosmic flames,
Body quivering with bliss
Lips so sweetly smiling,
Sweet shimmers still remain.
Those glistening pearly whites…
As if she was “The Show”.

Shadows and eyeliner;
Not a streak nor smudge,
New curves in a delicate design.
Skin caressed like rare satin
Reflecting in the lifeless frost.

Dressed in pinks and blues of winter’s dawn
Encumbered by her feathery wings
Magically enchanting.

With a radiant liquid soul…

Blind eyes, mortal eyes,
That passionate fire,
That heated her heart’s desire,
What a sweet miracle to endure.
Her smiles that win, cheeks that blush..
Almostlike a splashing waterfall.

Her mesmerizing attraction
The fragrance seducing to the masculine scent,
a high electric induction
Like wings of life, her strands unfurled
One hidden glance through humanities beauty.

Gem you can treasure when your bodies intertwine,
Veiled my senses in a shroud.
Hiding the truth from the light,
One lover’s paradise,
Though she was still cold as ice.

~~~An Unfamiliar Transformation Took Hold

Her explosion to desire
Was quenched by fire.
Her soul was entrapped
In a passion agitated space
And herself would not find.

Her imagination ran away,
Those delicate frozen fingers,
Her blue veins enclosed..

Eyes staring intensely,
Two hollow pools full of tears.
Eyes like a pained lover,
A sapphire shining sea.
Dark circles underneath
Stains of tears creating her stenciled eyes…

Charcoal grazes bitter with passion
Dreams descending to a deserted fate
She wasn't picture perfect
Not some social peak.

She was nothing without her crown,
She came crashing down-her beauty not so flawless.
Whispering misunderstandings,
Her tears dressed her wounds,
In destiny’s empty room.

She withered away to nothing.
Distraught with inner turmoil,
Her empty mind swept the street
Now lifeless with questioning eyes.
Allied in a strange pain…
Her world seemed inadequate.

She was nothing…
Not herself…, nor anyone else…
Yet she was not a copy.

She had the masterpiece’s glow
Pulsing through her veins.
She had a brand of her unique magic,
Though no longer their heart’s desire.
She buried her rage, tightened in chains.

Her walls fortified realms,
Crinkled deep in roots.

Her murmur was beside those shadows deep
Mind burdened by illusions, leaving her senses behind.
Engulfed by negative energies, through self inflicted hell,
She was spread unspoken… one’s river of hot tears.

The virus, the deceiver blew up her mind
Buried her six feet under,
That dew-dropped pearl, floating among tattered lace.

She had an unruly spirit….
And a gentle warming soul…
She was shockingly desperately admired,
Her true beauty reflecting in her soul… Eternally.

The author's comments:
this poem is meant to increase peoples awareness of what lowering self-esteem can do to a person. One person can be the homecoming queen or popular diva at school but internally feel neglected and self-conscious to be perfect. the unfamiliar transformation is the reflection of the same person internally who may be the girl followed by boys but she does not feel confident about herself and her identity.

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on Feb. 20 2010 at 2:31 pm
protennisg SILVER, Middle Village, New York
9 articles 0 photos 1 comment
thanks :) lol

on Jan. 30 2010 at 8:00 pm
ALLEY BRONZE, Danville, California
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omg that was amazing I loved the word choice great job!


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