romeo and juliet

January 18, 2010
There once was a girl and a boy. They knew they had a secret love, there friends wouldn’t understand. So they stayed hidden in the shadows of what they wish they could be. She pretended to care what other people thought and he pretended the same and yet the opposite. But when that other one came along, he had to take the offer or expose his true love. So she sat by until she had another and then as time went by, they grew into different people, she became darker then ever and he grew in opposite yet in the same. Until that one faithful day in which they met again through another. They had grown attached to each other although it had been years, but there love was still a secret, there friends still wouldn’t understand and so they stayed hidden in the shadows of what they wish there love would be could be. She’s upset by day heads for the dresser drawer to drive away the pain nothing good can come of this. But there the secret love there are the complications for everything in which they must stay apart. But the drawer is empty only filled with her tears, so bite the lip and forget the bleeding. And then she closes her eyes the deeper she cuts the more that it hurts him, the deeper she cuts the more that it hurts him. So tonight he plans to tell the world and they don’t have to understand only to know that she’s alright. But it took him a little too long and a little to late to realize his mistakes. She lies upon the floor longing for his golden touch to save the girl and forget the bleeding. He screams out loud until he can’t bare the pain of being without her. He rushes to her side and already it’s too late. To save the life of the one he loved. Check yes Juliet for your Romeo will come to save you. Check yes Romeo for your Juliet is waiting for you. The rain falls down upon the sidewalk tonight for Romeo has his Juliet. There are no more secret lies no more not to understand, because Romeo has his Juliet tonight.

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