self doubt

January 18, 2010
A sense of purpose in this profound confusion where the troubles of ultimate samlessness life converge to be something better then the world outside, these walls around keeping everyone out. While the useless information seeps into our minds and the confusion in this place is well unexplored beyond the boarders of these tiny four walls. To the place in which nothings explored beyond our own self doubt and ourselves unexplored for the fear of what we might find inside ourselves. We’ve become jaded, frayed at the edges, mellowed into something less then our potential greatness, nothing but a piece of what we could be; Has been left unexplored due to your own self doubt, in where troubles do not exist beyond what we conjure for ourselves. Outside our walls we are different meanings even to ourselves and for others we put on a show of anticipation for what is unknown of our confusion; branches a prospective on our own self doubt beyond our comprehension of our selves.

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