Hide and Seek

January 18, 2010
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Your hiding place is too small
For me to fit in
Have tried and tried to follow you
But you are too hard to follow
Through the meadows you lay in
The water where you float
Where I sink
The sun left when you left
The clouds grew darker so fast
I couldn’t see you
Wasting all my time trying to find where you hide
The past grows foggy
And dulls out
Memories you left me with
Aren’t the same
It’s not fair
I will never give up trying to Find you
Just provide me a clue
Is it peaceful where you are?
The light grows where you are
The louder my heart pounds
I think of you
I can’t sleep at night
When I hear your name
My heart wants to find you
My eyes want to give up
If I do
Come find me
Like a game of hide and seek

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