Voice of Void

January 18, 2010
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Soft sprinkles
light and void
the silence of the rain fills me
the echoes of my mind
when no ones watching
when I become
when I'm undone
but you rain
soft sprinkles
on my face
I dance in your laughter
your purity cleanses my being
I am free
I am free
I see you yet I am blind
I feel not with my eyes
read the silence in between the droplets
hear their whisper
candescent steps to a fading glory
you are my glory
my blind boy that sees
the birth of my thoughts
passions, flame
fire of my soul
light and flicker
stealing away to the sea
don't leave my beauty
for your presence fills my hallow
my rain that booms
kill my tomb
heal my wounds.

Spawn of my sorrow
I can hear you
yet I am deaf
I write yet I neither speak nor read
you are my special child
your body's lumps and defects scorn the eye
yet your eye
is peace
puddle of love
you are my water
quenching sulfurs
flames of my desire

I am the still between the bark
the teeth that bites beauty
patterns of pearl etched in my spirit
a divine rhine
a twisted turtle of tails
sssing snakes wrapped about your waist
I am your mother
and you
,my decision of regret.

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