Knives Out

January 18, 2010
By volleyball27 BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
volleyball27 BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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The autumn breeze
Sweeps me and my friend
Up onto the hill
The hill is even cooler
And windy
The grass is smooth
But yet so cold
We look down the hill
And see my house
A big gust of wind comes upon us like a
Wave that hits you when you’re not paying attention
So I jump on my friend
Who falls to the ground
And we start to
Laugh like two friends
Who haven’t seen each other in a while
We sit in awe and
Gaze upon a sight so beautiful
The clouds look like an opened bag
Of cotton balls that exploded through
The air
At that moment, a ghost went through
And left my body with nothing
But shivers
The leaves all around us
Were whispering “free at last”

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