Knives Out

January 18, 2010
By Samcr BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Samcr BRONZE, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Knives Out

Love is Confusing
It’s different for everybody
You never really know what it is or is going to be for you or anyone else
It could be Joy
It could be Laughter
There could be Fun times
There could be Bad times
It could be Happy
It could be Sad
It’s whatever
You make of it
If you’re truly
In love
You will have
A rollercoaster
Of emotions
You will have bad days
You will have wonderful days
It’s kind of like life
There’s good
There’s bad
There’s happy
There’s sad
You’ll have it all
It’s what you make of it
Is what it will be
At some point
Will experience love
It’s just what you do with it or where you go with it
Is what will matter

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