A poem for the child on a street

January 18, 2010
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At exactly this time there is a child on a street
Left with nothing in life and nothing to eat
Trying to survive on his on
He washes cars and cleans shoes
Rain falls without a rooftop to catch it
Searching for a home to drench it in sadness
Finally it rests on the poor child’s head
Forcing him to become a smile without teeth
He is what survived but barley
Un estomago vacio
Es un golpe en la rodilla que se cura con el frío
He doesn’t need a visa to travel
He plays with paper planes and when he can eats mangos and rice
But the rest needed he imagines it
The world shouldn’t live with love barefoot
Why are the world’s arms not working when they needs to?
And the heart of it is only a bad word.

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